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What is Ezoic and How it boosts advertising revenue?


Back in the old day, we have to do lots of experiments with AdSense and other ad networks to optimize revenue. After this, AdSense also released its new unit called auto ads and it works automatically and every visitor sees different ad combinations.

Although, ezoic is a little bit different and they have several types of possibilities and features that may skyrocket ad earnings.

Most of the bloggers rely on AdSense for monetization. If you are digital publishers or a blogger then ezoic, a platform for publishers, is worth trying.

As of today, most of the sites get low CPM and CPC rates, this may lead to low revenue. To improve Adsense revenue automatically, this ad testing platform is made for digital publishers.

Increase Adsense revenue
Ezoic uses different ad units and sizes to improve revenue

A publisher who is already using Google Adsense can link their account to ezoic.

At first, it may seem inappropriate and scammy, and there are hundreds of digital publishers who still think this a waste of time, but this is not the case.

Ezoic is not a common platform for ad testing and blah blah things. But if you take it seriously it is the best platform that will provide an expert level of monetization, SEO, site optimization.

It is a machine learning platform that uses Artificial intelligence ad testing and they have already helped hundreds of publishers earn more money.

Using Adsense or any other monetization platform is an easy way to earn money from a website but if you want something more ezoic is like a dream truer.

After all, we have already seen several A.I companies out there, why these are getting popular, the biggest reason is automation and better thinking. In the other hand, A.I also do work that human takes more time, meanwhile, today's intelligent systems are capable of doing a lot of things.

Ezoic is Like an Adsense Alternative

Wow, ever never thought of this. But its a kind of AdSense ads serving platform as an AdSense alternative.

There are many digital publishers who have submitted their review about ezoic and how the managed to get more revenue.

To improve Adsense revenue, ezoic automatically do it for you. That means a publisher doesn't have to do experiments with ads to get boosted revenue.

The company does several monetization and site speed acceleration testings by its machine learning and artificial intelligence system.

If we compare 80% of the publisher's review, AdSense is good and normal for them.

Somehow, ezoic is actually winning if we analyze Adsense and ezoic deeply. Because of its revenue-focused platform and unique features, ezoic may increase earnings.

Instead of CPM and CPC, a publisher's revenue is calculated by epmv (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors). You will earn a specific amount of money when the site receives a unique 1000 visitors.

Adsense also has launched new tools and auto ads for digital publishers. However, ad testing is different from this.

Features and advantages of using Ezoic: platform for publishers


Ezoic, a platform for publishers, is an easy way to monetize a site or blog.

If you have a blog and low earnings with AdSense, then you should give it a try.

As I have explained earlier, it is an ad testing platform. They try different ad units and high CPM ads on a webpage for maximum possible revenue.

When somebody became a publisher of ezoic, they will get several benefits such as google ad exchange (Doubleclick), mediation, direct ad orders, native ad units, etc.

With mediation, you can link other ad networks for ad testing, including media.net, criteo, etc. This is very helpful if you are using other ad networks rather than Google AdSense for monetization.

Site Speed Accelerator

With this automatic tool, a publisher can increase its website speed, all he/she has to do is to set up site speed accelerator from the menu.

There are several factors that affect website speed. To increase site speed, a publisher will need to set up this feature for their site. Ezoic also claimed, by using this feature, site speed score will be over 90 out of 100 (Google PageSpeed insight).

Note that, the feature is only free for 7 days, you can begin your trail at any time. After the free trial, a specific amount can be charged for the site speed accelerator.

Ezoic Big Data Analytics

Ezoic added a tool and this will help every publisher who is working with ezoic.

I got pretty impressed by this feature, even a lot of native hosting providers don't provide information and data that deep.

If you want to know, how our website is performing, big data analytics may help a lot.

Ezoic's big data analytics is a great tool with which we can get lots of information and data about a site. You can consider it as Google Analytics.

Big data analytics will provide you different types of stats about a monetized website. A publisher can get information such as:-

Revenue (With comparison) including hourly, daily, and weekly stats.
Real-time traffic and revenue
Traffic sources
Content analysis


Disadvantages of Ezoic

Well, almost all types of platforms on the internet have at least a few numbers of disadvantages. On the internet, you will only find ezoic advantages over AdSense, but there are few issues that can not be compromised with digital publishers.

The biggest disadvantage of ezoic is low site speed, on the other hand, they claim that site speed will be ok, but this is not the case.

For more info, check Trustpilot reviews here.

Site speed issue

After a few days of integration this ad testing platform, my site speed is going down and down.

The biggest reason for dropping site speed score is because ezoic automatically shows too many ads.

If you notice deeply, you will realize, the top landing pages of a site have more than 10 to 15+ ad units in just a single page. This is too much for visitors and this can kill your site in the matter of site speed.

But, ezoic also has a solution for this, the site speed accelerator.

You can also consider this option to fix the speed issue, a publisher can limit the number of ad units.

Ezoic > Monetization > Max Ads per page


Limiting ads may speed up site score, you can try this if you are facing low site speed issue with ezoic. Otherwise, ezoic also has a site speed acceleration feature, that will optimize your website for speed.

Ezoic support

Sure, in the matter if support, their team is very helpful whether it is for monetization or other tools.

I have also found on one its page that they will also protect a publisher from having AdSense violations. This means, by chance, if some type of invalid activities occurs on ad exchange or Adsense ads, ezoic will take care of this situation. May be, ezoic team will lookout in these types of critical and technical matters.

Webmasters, If you can not set up placeholders (proper optimization) on our blog then you can directly contact the ezoic support team, here, a specialist will do it for you.

There are many types of tools that are not easy to optimize according to one's needs. A digital publisher may need some technical knowledge to use all ezoic tools.

By chance, if you are struggling to do that on your own, the ezoic support team is very helpful.

In my experience, every publisher comes under a specialist that may check your site time to time for issue and proper optimization.

As of today, it is very rare to get full support from a company, you might get support like that on other monetization platforms.

Who much Ezoic will cost me?

Many of us, maybe thinking that whether it is a free or paid platform, the answer is yes or not.

I think, their system could be very costly as managing a company that big is pretty big task, actually this is not the situation. Ezoic has came up with plans that are best both for a publisher and ezoic.

Ezoic is an artificial intelligence ad testing platform for publishers and they not only grow a site revenue but also improves a website to its peak.

There are lot of free core features that any digital publisher can enjoy.

A publisher doesn't even need to do all the work manually, the whole system is automated.

Ezoic plan varies, it depends on how large a site is, eventually, for their work, even paying a monthly is ok because it will increase revenue that most publishers are making double or triple the amount of AdSense earnings.

Ezoic plans and pricing

For Monetization - 1 month free and onwards ezoic will keep 10% of your total earnings monthly or a small ad unit at the bottom of the page.

Both of these are good plans, and you won't even realize the fees. It's a win-win situation.

Bottom of the page ad unit placed by ezoic is the best plan in my case, as not all visitor scrolls till the end and the small ad unit won't interfere with your site in any way.

If you choose option 1, ad at the bottom of page, these are the features included.

Ezoic monetization plan features
There is also a premium plan for digital publishers who want to earn decent revenue, but there are some requirements for this. Maybe, a huge amount of traffic is required. Ezoic may automatically invite you in future to join premium membership.

Site speed accelerator - This tool is free for 7 days, and later on, its monthly plan is available.

Note that, the plans varies for every publisher and it depends on how much traffic is comping to our site. You can see 'ezoic site speed accelerator' plans on official page.

My experience after using ezoic instead of Google Adsense

Somehow, recently I managed to contact a website owner that I am a member for a long time. I have seen they are using the ezoic ad testing platform. I contacted them and asked if the saw any improvement in revenue, after 2-4 days I received a message and they have told me 'Yes'.

After this, I have also replaced AdSense ads with ezoic ads in one of my sites, and the results are pretty impressive. I have seen a 40% improvement in AdSense revenue within the 1st month and about 69% in further months. In my case, it is the right choice for me.

One more thing I want to mention I that, we know that CPC and CPM rates of Asian countries are quite low, most of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and others. Many publishers reported that they receive very low Adsense earnings, in this case ad testing platforms like ezoic can boost Adsense revenue automatically.

They follow Adsense Rules, Google Adsense is strict, so they are. Ezoic follows google policies to ensure that there shall be no issue in the future.

Just like Google AdSense, an approval process is done by ezoic employees. And they so recommend publishers to have at least 10,000 visitors monthly. Find more information on the ezoic official blog.

Keep in mind that if you must follow each and every google while using ezoic, as they are a google certified partner. Because there are many publishers who got banned and they loose monetization.

Furthermore, ezoic minimum requirements are good content and 10,000+ unique monthly visits.

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