1. There are thousands of new blogs emerging daily

We're talking about blogging in 2020, as we know there are several bloggers encouraging other readers to create a new blog.

In this way, around 70 to 80% of readers start their own blogging career to earn money. This is great, but some of its negative effects can be seen by many older bloggers.

Because many people create new blogs and post a lot of fresh new content so that one can see the effect in the ranking of an already established blog post.

In today's time, there is a lot of competition even in new content ideas. ‌ Everyone wants to rank well.

2. Everyone Wants To Earn Money

If you visit a blogger's site on a good basis, then you may find the details of their monthly income reports there, about 60-70% of the bloggers reveal their income which encourages other people to create a blog.

In today's time, it has become more important for the blogger to earn money instead of passion.

It may happen that competition in blogging has increased because of money.

3. Automated Posts

Just like we are now seeing artificial intelligence and computer operating systems everywhere, this thing is also happening in the blogging sector.

Many news bloggers are using the automated post feature so that they continue to create content without having hard work. This thing is not possible for every blogger, due to which the competition is increasing in many niches.

Automation and AI are the reason why some blogs publish more than 100 blog posts in a day.

4. Keywords Competition

How can we forget the keyword competition when we are discussing blogging, it is a very complex factor that affects blogging. Without this, it can be difficult to rank any blog post.

In earlier times there was very little competition in keywords, which made it very easy to rank contents, but now it is not so.

As the CPC of some important keywords is increasing, the competition on it is also increasing, it is very difficult to rank on a keyword that is searched highly and has a high CPC rate.

As 2020 is going on, and at this time keywords which are very common also getting competition. Technology, food, travel, gaming have all become common niche.

5. Search Engines Are Getting Smarter

As technology continues to advance, so do search engines.

You can take the Google search engine as an example, it is a very big search engine and it can get about 50+ new algorithm updates every month if you pay attention to the official data.

If we talk about blogging, in today's time, the amount of successful content has become necessary in every post, good writing patterns and grammar have also been important.

There are a lot of SEO factors that a blogger has to follow, if a blogger is unable to follow the search engine rules then he can fall behind the ranking.


This is the reason why blogging has changed a lot in today's time. If you notice, thousands of new bloggers are trying to move forward in this sector but only a few are successful.

Some of the things I have mentioned above may seem negative, but this is not the thing.

According to my experience, blogging was the job of children from 2010 to 2015. But now everyone can not succeed in blogging.

You may find the above points somewhat strange, but I am telling all these things according to my 5-year blogging experience. If you like this post, then give your suggestions in the comment section.

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