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We know that to create a website we first need domain and hosting.

There are many companies on the internet that provides website hosting plans. Premium Web hosting plans could be very expensive.

free web hosting for everyone

For a new person who does not know anything about creating a website, then this free hosting plans can prove to be very beneficial for them. Due to this, we will tell you about some very good and verified hosting providers today so that you can create your own website for free, it means no investment is required.

Zero cost website hosting is a bit limited and we can use it to create a new website.

If you want to create a WordPress site, you can choose any of the options below and get free hosting, it can also be upgradeable in future.

If you want to make a new wordpress site then you can give it a try by using any free hosting plan.


BYET is a popular company, from there you can even get a forever free hosting plan. There are no restrictions, no ads, and no forced redirects.

byet host free WordPress hosting

It is good to start create a website and it is also a most trusted $0 hosting.

Check out Byet host.

Easily create a website within minutes and install WordPress instantly.

You can even host your own custom domain. If you don't have any domain name then you can create a subdomain instantly that is totally free of cost. All you need to do is refer to the above link and sign up for a free web hosting account.

There are many tools also available to set up your desired CMS system. Launch a WordPress site from scratch.

What you will get with Byet zero cost web hosting plan? the answer is PHP, MySQL, FTP, Vistapanel and many more.

Get several main features including 5 GB bandwidth, file manager and FTP account, fully PHP and MySQL support and wordpress installer.


000WebHost is a free web hosting service, as the name suggests.

It is a popular hosting provider powered by hostinger, we already knew that it is one of the most popular and cheapest web hosting provider company.

And the company Hostinger also launched totally free web hosting service, called 000webhost.

The only disadvantage is that a sticky banner of 000WebHost will always appear on the footer of the website.

Anyway you can get a free hosting account instantly, sign up for free web hosting. Get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing, also host own domain.

This free hosting is good if you want to explore wordpress before buying any premium hosting.

Sign up for an account here.

Example of site created by using this, made possible by WordPress CMS.

Check out live website demo.

Create your own free website


You may have never heard of this company but it is running from a very long time and currently millions of webmasters are using their web hosting

With this free hosting plan you can easily create a website and host up to 4 websites.

There is also a 99% up time guarantee, and get tools to set up a CMS, Wordpress is recommended. There are no ads, no restrictions, also get 5GB bandwidth and faster CPU speed.

Check out this hosting plan.

Note - You should not migrate an already running site to free hosting because it is not recommended and may shows negative effects.

WordPress is a very good CMS system, with more than 30% of websites and blogs being powered by WordPress. It is the best open source software for blogging and website building.

Want more power and Traffic, check out our most recommended cheapest web hostings.
Low cost high power, SiteGround hosting.

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