Google Search Console, also known as Google Webmaster Tools is an all in one platform where we can set up our website to improve search engine presence and ranking.

URL inspection tool by Google is a perfect small tool that is not available in the classic version, we are gonna use this search console tool to submit URL quickly to search engine, Google search engine.

There is also a URL inspection tool in search console that can help index new posts and pages. Sometimes you can find a submitted URL ( new webpage) indexed in Google within an hour.

How to Use URL Inspection Tool

This tool is not available in the older version of the search console, now let's know here how to use the URL inspection tool to index posts and pages fastly.

  • Open Search Console, here is the direct link.
  • Find the URL Inspection Tool.

URL Inspection Tool Google

  • Now enter the URL of the webpage/new post and proceed further.

  • You will get a message, like below one.
'Testing if live URL can be indexed".

Google search console

  • Click on 'Request Indexing'
  • Done! A pop-up message will appear that the URL is added to the queue, Google could Index the page, maybe within an hour or two.

index URL faster to google

The URL inspection tool by Google provides a simple and easy way to index the website's new pages/posts faster. This is a manual method to submit a URL to Google.

I have myself used URL inspection tool and found that it has increased the time (up to 250%) taken by normal Google bots to index a page, this means you can reach the world in no time.

If you are still not using the Search Console, you should consider starting using Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) to increase SEO, better indexing, also fix errors and make your site Google friendly.

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