Broken links to a website are not considered good. So what is it that Broken Link affects your search engine optimization? If you are a webmaster then you would know about the broken web page.

404 error, page not found

When we link an external or internal page to our website, many links work but some links do not work in the future, and there are many reasons for this error such as either that webpage has been removed or His permalink has been changed. There are many reasons for having broken links.

What is broken link?

When we go to a blog/website page, many times we see a 404 error message, page not found.

Now it happens when there is no URL that exists of a webpage or it has been removed. If a permalink change of a webpage occurs then 404 error mostly seen. There are many types of broken links out of which 404 error is the most main, and below are the error codes of some other types.

302 - Page moved temporarily
304 - Webpage not modified
404 - Page not found
403 - Forbidden
408 - Request Timeout
413 - Request entity is too large__

If you have broken links present on your website then it is impossible to find them manually. So in this situation, we have many web tools present which help in removing the broken links.

It is very important to remove broken links for SEO and good user experience. If there are too many broken links on a website, then it shows an error message to the users so that visitors leave your website many times.

Many search engine optimization experts consider it important to pay attention to broken links.

So let us now read about some very good online tools that will help you in removing broken links, very easily.

Dead Link Checker

DeadLinkchecker is a free and accurate website tool. With the help of this tool, you can reveal many broken links on your website, which you may not even know yet.
Another feature in this tool is multi check, with the help of this you can check many websites at once for broken links.


Doctor Link Check shows a very detailed report about a domain. This broken-link checker tool is free for small website owners.

broken links website report

You can get a detailed report of the maximum of 2 websites with their free plan. To do more site audits, you will have to upgrade the plan.

With the help of this tool, you can remove many types of broken links from a website and make it more search engine friendly.

Find link types, error reports, link schemes, and several types of other details with Drlinkcheck. Best and free broken links auditing tool for small webmasters.


Semrush is a powerful website auditing tool, currently, InsideBlogWorld is also using the SemRrush tool to check broken links.

There are no limitations to audit sites, you can even find lots of other search engine optimization tools.

Get 7 days of free trial with this tool and find all types of broken links.

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