Domains are everything for an online business/website. It is not just a name it is a kind of gateway. To make online presence or to build a large community a perfect custom domain name is a must.

There are millions of registered domains in the world and keep going. Do you know more than half of the world's population is using the internet and according to some reports over 10,000 domains are being purchased on a daily basis?

Every website needs a name (with TLDs) to define the worldwide presence. With the help of the internet, we can reach our goals faster and build trust with peoples.

If you are one of those folk who wants to start an online business or blog then the first step is to purchase a good domain name.

Custom domains are not available for free to register in any way and
a customer has to pay about $10 to $15 yearly for keeping the name alive (Price vary for different TLDs).

For beginners, building a website is not an easy task as hosting and basic technical knowledge is required.
A domain name is required by which anyone can type the URL and access to your website.

There are various factors to be checked before buying a domain name.

1. Find a perfect Name

Choosing a perfect domain name is very important, once registered to change the mind after that is a total waste of money and effort.

Focus on what type of website you are going to build in the future and according to that find a branded domain.

Domain names similar to a niche will better describe what your website is about. Try not to choose too lengthy domain names as it will easy to forget.

You can easily find a good name with TLDs such as .com/.net/.org with 10 to 20 characters. Make sure that the domain name is memorable and brandable.

2. Do not use a hyphen if possible

A hyphen '-' is allowed while registering domains, but avoiding may give few benefits. Hyphen is the only character other than letters that can be used in a domain name. While registering you can put a hyphen between, just don't make it complicated to remember.

The hyphen may increase domain availability because premium words with hyphen have more chances to not to be taken.

3. Get the right extension

.com extension is sure the first priority and tries to capture a .com domain extension if available. But there is nothing wrong with other TLD, you can choose a variety of TLDs for the name to be registered.

If .com is not available, do some research and find the best TLDs according to your wish.

As we are now in the internet world, finding a perfect domain is not that easy. Almost every English word names with the dotcom extension is already registered.

Choose a country TLD, almost every country has its own domain extension such as .au for Australia, .in for India, .ca for Canada, and many more.

If you can't grab a .com domain then there are numerous domain extensions available today.

Many small businesses and websites only focus on specific areas, so why not just choose country-wise TLD and this could be more relevant.

If your aim is to target people of a country and want to provide content for that country then consider a country-specific extension, purchasing domains with country-specific TLDs are a great idea.

One can also consider TLDs such as:-

.fr (France)
.hk (Hongkong)
.au (Australia)
.in (India)

And so on...

4. What about a Lengthy domain name?

Lengthy names are good if used correctly otherwise it is hard to remember for someone who wants to visit your website again and again.

No one can guarantee a perfect domain, so by using new words or synonyms, we can simply have more chances to get the right name. Even lengthy names are a good choice if it is giving correct meaning.

It is good practice to keep a domain name unique and rememberable.

5. Ignore unrecognizable domain names

Misleading and unrecognizable names are those which are not easy to be remembered and may further lead to loss of traffic because many visitors mistype the domain name.

It is actually hard for visitors to remember a freaky name of a website. Catchy names drive more revisits.

Few domain names may be mistyped while writing and our lovely visitors may land on other websites.

It is only good if the domain you want is taken. Also, try not to register a domain that is very similar to other trademarked brands.

A great example is and their visitors may confuse and type

Try to pick a rememberable domain.

6. Check Domain History

Why webmasters recommend us to check the history of a domain name because it will save the future of your website.

With, anyone can reveal the history of any website, find details about published contents and type of website.

Some dropped domains may have a bad history or used for porn purposes. Today, there are millions of sites serving dark web content.

Before purchasing a custom domain, the customer should first check all the history of the domain name, check if the domain name is penalized by Google or not.


I hope you liked this article, and do comment below and let me know your suggestions. Actually, I am not a digital or content marketing expert, just trying to help others with what I have learned in those years.

We can not rely on free a domain/subdomain such as .cc, .tk, yourname.blogspot.etc, etc. These are not recommended and also not beneficial for a longer time, has a lot of drawbacks.

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