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How to get a backlink from Rediff.
Rediff is a business platform, you can create a page for an online local business. Rediff provides different types of business solutions.

Recently we have tried to take benefits from this high Pagerank website. Several users are getting a do-follow backlink from this high PR and DP domain.

Many of the webmasters and bloggers want to get do-follow backlinks from these types of social networking sites but failed, we know that getting a dofollow link is quite harder this time and we have to use some tricks.

Most of the popular websites out there don't provide do-follow links, there are several reasons for this. But now we have found a good working trick to get a powerful do-follow backlink.

In other way getting a do-follow backlink from popular networking sites is quite difficult. Because they don't allow every user to get a free do-follow backlink by putting URLs.

Update - This trick may not work for all, in 2020 this method is getting useless because they have changed their website's structure. There is a 40% chance of getting a dofollow link, still, you can give it a try.

Getting a Dofollow Backlink

● First create a rediff page for your online business.

● Create an account/sign up for a new account. You may need to verify your email address to continue registration.

● Done, now click on "Create a Page"

● Make a page about your blog/website/market place, etc and give it a brief description.

● Now add contact us details from settings.

● Add My website.

● Enter your domain name and save it.

● If everything is done right, you may get a do-follow backlink from Rediff.

In my case, this method worked and I have already got a backlink.

Add the domain URL in the 'contact us' page of 'My page'. If you put links in another place, You might get a nofollow backlink.

This may help you to increase Google search ranking a little bit, or adding value to your website.

If you are a new blogger or webmaster, you may get confused with backlinking, search engine optimization and other content marketing stuff.

Try Getting more information about Blogging and Seo Ranking. The more you know the more Explore.

Why Backlinks Matter

Backlinks are one of the main sources to boost the SEO of any website, it is a search engine factor. For a webmaster, building backlinks is an important thing.

There are two types of backlinks, nofollow, and dofollow. Nofollow links do not put any plus point to search engines. On the other hand, there are dofollow links, do follow links transfer link juice from one high PageRank domain to linked site.

By using backlink strategies, increasing SEO of a website is easy.

Many of the mew webmasters don't know the importance of backlinks and that's why they got stuck in low traffic and find it difficult to rank in Google search engine..


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