Welcome everyone, as on 29 Jan 2020 there is a new product launched by Google called 'Question Hub'. Google brings something very new to Blogspot publishers.

What is Question Hub

Question Hub, where we can answer asked questions by people who are asking on the Google search. It identifies the content gaps online, in this way unanswered questions can be easily collected.

Choose the native language, Hindi and English are common.

Question Hub currently is in beta version and we don't know that it is available to use for everyone or not. Although if you are a google blogger publisher than do check out on the blogger's homepage.

Get Rich Content ideas and Traffic

It is very useful both for publishers and visitors, we can simply answer their questions and in return, we will gain trust and also it help to increase blog traffic. It may also help us to write more content, find new content ideas easily.

It is a new Google product and might not available in all countries, but in India, it is confirmed.

Here is the notification I got about Question Hub, and finally I have linked my Blogger account to Question Hub.

Question Hub for Blogger

Select any topic you know about and at one time Google will add approximately 10 questions to the dashboard. Answer the questions you know about or simply provide a link to the article.

This way we can generate more traffic and engagement. If you are using the Blogger platform then it may help you a lot. Don't know much about other CMS like Wordpress. For content creators, it is a good opportunity to generate traffic.

To show the performance of your answered questions, you also need to link search console to Question Hub.

Want do you think about this new product, let me know in the comment section.

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