Adsense introduced its matched content unit for few publishers, okay yes it's true and it has requirements. Publishers can enjoy more revenue and engagement.

This ad unit currently not available for small Adsense publishers because it requires hundreds of quality posts, maybe 150+ articles or heavy content websites.

This new product was launched in 2016, it helped many publishers to earn more but it is also useful for engaging visitors and providing a simple way to explore other content on a webpage.

A few days back, when I opened my AdSense dashboard, a message appeared showing ' You are eligible for the matched content unit.

It is a widget that contains will automatically show articles along with ads, one by one vertically or horizontally. The widget may also contain ads automatically that brings higher CTR rates.

How Matched Content Unit is Different

The matched content unit is a different type of ad format, in comparison to the image/text unit. Publishers can use this Adsense unit If they are eligible.

This unit currently not available for all Adsense publishers. You will need to create more contents in order to gain access to this ad unit.

Matched content is different from the regular image/text ad unit. It is a native ad that could have more power to unleash revenue.

Here is a simple example that helps you learn more about this Adsense product.


Webpage Title 1

Adsense Ad

Webpage Title 2

Webpage Title 3

Adsense ad article

Webpage Title 4

Webpage Title 5

More on...

From the above-explained example, you may now have understood about this Ad unit.


Publishers must have about a minimum of 200 articles and 1000 daily sessions on their website.

According to my experience, I have got this Adsense matched content unit when I have written 200+ articles and it also generates about 1000+ page views daily. Just make quality content for fast approval.

Some publishers may get matched content units if the website contents are great, even with fewer articles.

Try now, if you don't have Matched Content Unit activated then wait until reaching approval, Adsense will send a notification.

Benefits of Matched Content Unit

There are many other advantages of using this ad unit. But you need to eligible for this.

More Page Views

The great benefit is that by using this AdSense unit. You can generate more page views, visitors will find existing articles easily using this Adsense ad unit. You have to place it in the sidebar or footer of the website for proper engagement.

Matched content shows different articles every time webpage loads and different visitors will see different post titles and CTR may gradually increase. Similar to the popular or related posts widget.

More Revenue

Yeah! For Adsense publishers, it is a bonus point, this unit helps you earn more revenue because Adsense ads will be placed in between articles list.

Native ads are more beneficial than simple image units because users tend to click more in native ad articles. Advertisements included in this unit look like articles.

Actually, sometimes visitors see ads like articles and they click it for reading. I myself found that using native ads units increased my AdSense earnings and page views.

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