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Propellerads Media is one of the biggest ad networks in the world. Yep, that's right and viral website owners are making 1000+ USD monthly with simple and easy setup.

If you want to reach millions of users from Push notifications and Pop up ads, you can sign up as an advertiser to reach worldwide audiences (Grow your business).

Banned from Adsense, now try our most recommend high-quality ad network known as PropellerAds. This ad network serves pop up and high-quality banner ads. This is similar to Popads that may also generate high revenue. But talking about PropellerAds, you have different choices to monetize a website.

PropellerAds serves these types of ads to their publishers.

Pop Up Ads - You will be well familiar with this Ad format, whenever visitors visit a webpage they will see a popup or model ad. This may be irritating but drives more revenue than regular as formats.

Push notification ads - This is new to bloggers. It might be easy to use and a high paying zone. It is most profitable for blogs, it runs on the Cost Per Subscription model. Publishers have two options -

1. Get paid for each Ad notification shown.

2. Get paid for each user subscribing for push notifications. (In this category users can earn high profit per 1000 subscriber.)

Onclick Popunder - Irritating type of ad , but still very high paying and monetize website traffic @90%. Onclick ads automatically show pop-up ads to visitors or it redirects them to the advertiser page. These types of ads contain lots of material including downloadable apps, sign up services, shopping, sometimes fake prizes, etc.

Native banners - Native banners are still not available for all publishers because of their quality. Publisher's website must have at least 10,000 daily unique visitors. It is very customizable and suggests content according to audience interest. These are professional ad formats.


Interstitial - Same as Popup ads but have higher quality and good user experience.

Direct link - The most simple ad type, to earn from the direct link a publisher needs to send traffic to the given link. When someone visits the link, publishers will get paid according to applied rates.

Pop up advertisement is totally different from native Adsense ads. They might be irritating but things have changed because this media works on quality pop up ads.

Why this ad network has more value than others because of their types of ads. You can find different types of ad formats. So, choose only the best-suited ad for monetization.

Thousands of webmasters using this globally.

After using it for a month I figured out that it works great in "download and wapka sites". They also have a global support team and that's why publishers can easily clear their issues.

A blog with the custom domain will get approval, and by using pop up ads, link ads, native direct ads, banner ads, push notifications ads, etc you have different choices.

Please do not ruin user experience by using underrated ad formats. We value visitors then they value us.

Also, get new subscribers and get them to return to your website again using push notification service. This company also gives you Push notifications service and anyone can earn money for that automatic work. For one who struggling It is a new and fast way to generate passive income.

Propellerads don't require any specific niche site but considering a good website is their policy. Note that earned money might be less from Asian countries. So, to make higher revenue, American and European countries suits best.

Interested - Join this ad network

Why PropellerAds Media?

According to my view, PropellerAds media is the best alternative to many other Ad networks. Publishes can easily make money from their work whether it is a regular blogging site or any type of website except Adult.

Because of some excellent features and services that company provides, it is more recommended than PopAds. Whereas for professionals, it is still in the queue list, we can not say more about this network. You should give it a try to see how it is profitable for your blog.

Add multiple domains and create unlimited ads zone. A domain must be required to be verified for verification and approval. The approval process is much easier than anyone else.

Important - This ad Media Currently does not accept Blogpost and Adult content related sites.

If you own an Adult website, This ad network will help you earn $100+ every day.

Advantages and Disadvantages

PropellerAds pay for impressions as it is CPM based. So, if you have viral traffic then it is easier to earn lots of $$ in less time.

Advantages of Propellerads

  • You gonna monetize about 80% of your traffic.
  • Highest CPM rates are given (Cost Per thousand Impressions), I personally got $6 CPM in one of my blog.
  • The daily report section provides instant reports of impressions, clicks, and revenue.
  • $50 minimum threshold for Payout, they pay by wire transfer or PayPal.
  • Instant chat service - This ad media also provides direct chat with team members. Solve any issue or ask anything. Get 24 hours support.
  • Instant approval - It means you don't have to wait for days or weeks to get approval. Just verify your domain by installing the script and start earning within seconds.

Disadvantages of Propellerads

Yeah, it has some disadvantages too.

For popup ads, it sometimes distracts your website visitors because it covers the whole webpage.

High Payout Rates - The minimum payout rate of propellerads is $100. At first, they have only $25 minimum threshold but now increased 4 times.

Update 2 - Good news, now they have lowered the minimum payout amount to $5 and $20 for Payoneer.

In some cases, it takes more time to receive payout money. You will definitely receive your payments on the working day (No scam).

Update - There is a piece of hugely disappointing news for all folks who want to monetize Blogspot blog because they have changed their policy. For all subdomain bloggers, we are sorry. From now using PropellerAds won't be allowed for blogpost sites. But wait doesn't be panic! Alternatively, there are thousands of more methods to monetize.

Getting Started

To begin monetization, First, Sign up here.

Create an account as a publisher. Name, email address, and other contact information are required.

Now, the next step is to verify your domain name by using the given unique script code.

Install code in the head area of the website. Place anywhere between head to head-end tag.

> For a blogger

> Goto edit template

> Search for the head tag on the upper side of the XML file. And place the code in between.

For WordPress, use head implements plugins or simply add your verification code in the website's head section.

After all, come back to propeller ads verify page and click on verify green button. It will take a while and you have successfully verified a site.

To next step is to add Propellerads in your blog.

Choose which type of ads you want to add in your blog and which fits better.

Now click on the Next button and give it a name like (Ads 1) or your website/blog name.

Get the code.

Okay, I think you understand all the things. This work may get technical for beginners but it is easy for webmasters.

Example, how ads may work.

1000 Visitors - $10.

30,000 Visitors - $300 .

That's a good amount of revenue and anyone can make this too without any professional knowledge.

Using PropellerAds with Adsense

I actually don't know much about this topic because it is not researched until this date.

Because Adsense changes their policies from time to time we can't say anything and the only thing is to remember that putting too many advertisements will disrupt the user experience. There may be some problems using PropellerAds along with Adsense.

Try keeping webpages neet and clear, don't put a lot of advertisements. For best practice, max 2 ad from propellerads and 2 AdSense ad on a page is a good option.

The biggest advantage of these ads that they are highly clickable. Yes, when someone visits webpage they will see pop up ads and there is a "close" button available to remove it quickly.

Propellerads also provides awesome optimization methods and can even disable an account if a publisher doesn't follow their terms.

To earn a huge profit in less time, traffic from the UK, Canada, and other developed countries are important.

Many beginners got banned from Adsense because they don't know how to use ads properly. For them, this ad network can become the only source of income.

Referral Program

PropellerAds have a trusted referral program that can generate extra passive income. Every time you refer a new user with a referral link you will earn 5% of what they earn (No deduction/cost to referred person).

Note that if you are thinking "I am not going to sign up using a referral link" then you are definitely wrong. Think now, because if you directly register then your 5% of total earnings are still not yours.

The company would get all commission. That's why I was also preferred as a referral link to create an account. In this way, we can easily help each other. Thanks for understanding.

If an invited person makes $1,000 then you will earn $50 without doing any work. This can be a passive income source if done right.

You can just depend on the referral program to generate revenue from propeller ads. A user can make anything about $1,00 to $5,00 in a month by inviting the good amount of webmasters.

Because of high CPM, $5 to $15 for popunder ads and up to $5 for banner ads Propellerads seem to be a worthy way for monetization.

Currently, PropellerAds provides various ways to monetize a blog or website and it does not matter to blog traffic. Only earnings will depend on traffic.

Here, you will not have to depend on organic traffic, getting traffic from Facebook or any other social media is an additional option.

What's your experience with this Ad network? Share your experience below in the comment section.


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