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If you are searching for a method to resize Blogger post images then it can be done using a CSS code. Many new bloggers are facing these types of Google Blogger problems.

When uploading a custom template to the Blogspot blog, sometimes images do not fit according to the area (Non-Responsive), uploaded images are either stretched, some images get distracted from their place by using some Blogger templates. To fix this issue I came up with a little CSS trick.

Anyone can try this method to fix the size of all images or auto-resize content images all at once. Working only on the Blogspot platform.

New bloggers don't know much about HTML, CSS and technical coding and coding issues and errors are more frequent occurs.

Recently, some days ago I saw this issue in my installed Blogger template called "Simple Blogger Theme" and there I found that images are more stretched in desktop versions and going out of the screen on the mobile version.

So, by using this trick, I have managed to fix this issue instantly.

Resize Images Using CSS

  • Open Blogger Official website and go to "Template" section.

  • Click on Customize button.

  • Now at customization page, you will need to "Add CSS".

  • Copy below piece of CSS code and paste it into the box. It will automatically add CSS code to the blogger template, use anyone.

  •  .post-body img 
    ;max-height: auto;display:
     block;margin: auto;} 

    Alternatively, use the below code to make web images responsive.

    post-body img

  • Click "Apply To Blogger" and now you have successfully applied.

To check this whether this CSS style code is working or not. Visit your Blogspot web page and see if there is any change in the images.

CSS code will change all the images uploaded to your blog. It resizes that automatically.

Furthermore, this type of problem only occurs in new custom blogger templates. Blogger's official template is always perfectly designed.

Note - This method can be applied to any other CMS or Blogging platform, even in simple web pages.

Blogger is one of the best blogging platforms. Anyone can start blogging with the help of available tools. But when we try to customize the template, errors are very common.

Because newbies don't have much knowledge about coding. If you have any other method for fixing Blogger code errors then suggest to me in the comment section.

If you find this helpful then read another post from our blog and give your feedback.

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