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Google Blogger has everything that beginners required. Although, for a free blogging platform nobody can beat a Blogspot blog.

In recent days, many users have reported an error. I don't know much about this error and Google is aware of this but no solution was given to me in the webmaster's forum.

But I have found a perfect solution on the internet. After trying some fixing methods I managed to solve this blogger error.

I tried lots of exploration in forums, even contacting Google and other developers. Still, no one gave me a perfect answer. If you are a regular Blogger publisher then you may have encountered this type of server errors.

"Whoops, that's an error.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Try refreshing the page to see if things are back in order."

The above error message may appear after someone try to access the blog URL. Simply, if you type "" and it shows this error message. This Blogger error may long laster than expected.

Here is a great and powerful solution to solving this. Blogger error type is not recognized, so we don't know why this happens.

After lots of exploration, I have found a simple way to remove this error instantly. This could be because of coding error or any other hosting related error linked with the domain.

First, try some pre-approved solutions.

Clear cache and cookies of the browser. Alternatively, try a different browser to access your blog.

Still, no solution than try the below method.

To solve blogger error, try below step by step method. It may work for you.

  • First check, what type of error message you are getting.

  • See the below image, if you ever saw this then continue to further steps.

  • To fix the above error code,
    visit homepage and open the Layout page.

  • Remove all third-party widgets.

  • To fix this instantly, try removing all external gadgets from the template.

  • Now again visit your blog.

Yeah! Finally your blog back to life.

If this method doesn't work. First, remove all gadgets from the blog's layout, then change your template.

It seems like Blogger automatically tries to solve the issue. Moreover, try asking questions in Google Blogger Forum for further expert support.


Tell us more about your experience.

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Tell us more about your experience.

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