Google Adsense is of the largest advertising network globally. It is ranked no. 1 for monetization and it is proudly a product of Google INC.

Many webmasters are trying to earn money by content.

There are several reasons to depend on Adsense because it provides quality and native advertisements for websites. Actually, Adsense is not limited to websites, even all YouTube ads are Adsense ads.

Tips to Increase Adsense Earnings

Because of its high paying rate, it is the most preferred Ad network. They share about 65% of the advertiser's revenue with publishers.

Not all people fortunate at monetization, many were not even able to make a single dollar because Adsense wants quality based websites. I think because of their quality management it is even hard to get approval, but we also have tips for Adsense approval.

To earn more money from your blog or website high traffic from search engines (organic traffic) and quality content are must. These seem to be beneficial otherwise many webmaster switches to other Adsense alternatives.

I searched on various forums and noticed that lots of webmasters don't get success online. Actually, I am also a beginner and getting success online is really difficult in my opinion. For those who have good knowledge of SEO and content marketing then getting success with Adsense is easy.

However, why newbies are struggling to make money online from Adsense? There are a lot of factors, but here are a few tips that may help you boost your revenue over time.

Fixing Low Revenue

1. Increase Traffic

Traffic is the most important thing to be noticed. Even for Adsense and affiliate marketing, you can not expect to earn any revenue without a good amount of traffic.

Converting organic traffic into profit is not a kid's play. In some cases, only 1 person clicks on the ad out of 100 people.

To fix that issue, focus on organic traffic from search engines and try getting targeted traffic globally. You can read Neil Patel's guide on increasing website traffic.

Here are some best practices to boost traffic -

1. Create a Facebook page and engage people or try making YouTube videos of written content.

2. Create quality content to increase search engine ranking and SEO. By boosting rank you will be able to increase revenue within a few months (Don't copy contents).

2. Check Verified List on Adsense

The most common problem I have seen
in my friend's and visitor's Adsense account that they do not add their domain to verify on Google Adsense.

Verification of every domain is automatically done by Google if the Adsense code found there.

Still confused, check-in settings.

In this case, a publisher may still receive clicks and impressions but overall zero revenue from an advertiser.

Because of this tiny error, earned revenue may never be included in AdSense balance.

According to some experts, this can fix about 30% issues of AdSense

Update the verified site list.

Go-to Adsense > Settings > My sites > Add Your all domain that runs Adsense.

If the site list already updated and verified by Google, you can skip all steps and If not, add manually the list of the domains, subdomain, etc.

3. Try Getting Targeted Traffic

If you are from an Asian country then you may have noticed something that Asian countries have very low CPC and CPM rates because advertisers pay more for rich and developed countries such as the USA, Canada, Italy, UK, etc.

If you are getting most of the visitors from one of these countries, revenue will eventually higher. But if not, try targeting visitors from a developed country and American countries. It increases the CPC and CPM rates.

4. Use Image and Text-based ad Formats

Using ad units like Rich media, text and link unit ads and image ads will increase your overall performance and it also boosts CTR rates. To know more about Adsense optimization tips, check their official guide and learn what type of optimizations are good for your website.

(Don't put a lot of advertisement in a single webpage, this may ruin user experience)

AdSense already introduced new ad formats. :-

Matched Content unit
Page-level ads
In article and Infeed unit.

Use all types of ad units in webpages and try to place link ads in the middle of the body.

According to some experiments & techniques, it is found that it will actually increase CTR and use can sometimes get high paying CPC in link unit ads.

Recommended - Don't waste your time on manual setups and use Ezoic to boost Adsense Revenue with fully automated tools and increase your revenue by up to 80%. No headache, artificial intelligence platform for ad networks.

5. Niche and High Paying Keywords

Why the quality of content matter anyway? that's because the content is the king not only for SEO but also for Adsense.

A publisher should try creating long and high-density contents and give topics rich keywords that will attract visitors and also increase the CPC rate.

Few high CPC Adsense niche are:-

> Greeting Cards
> Banking and insurance
> Graphics/Illustrations
> Technology
> Music
> Entertainment and fun.

Good contents have more change of long-tail keywords because you are describing the topic briefly and smartly.

Adsense shows high paying advertisement and it randomly increases the CPC rate of Adsense.

Add high paying keywords whenever you write posts, few niches have more value than others.

High paying keywords may fix the problem of low revenue of Adsense. Including long-tail keywords that have high CPC rates increase your overall advertising rate.

Because Adsense is based on keywords (Web monetization). If you want to find high paying keywords then invest some money on this SEO tool called SemRush.
Now find a desired long-tail keyword. It will show you how much your keyword is worth and the CPC rate.

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