Blogger is a free platform where you can easily start a blog within a few minutes.

Google blogger

Many of us would be well familiar with this platform, anyone can share their thoughts with the world and build trust with other people.

Google acquired Blogger in the year 2003, since then thousands of publishers and many small webmasters using this free platform.

The main reason that many publishers still using Blogger because it is 100% free & safe. Today, starting a blog on WordPress costs money as the user has to buy own hosted domain and hosting service.

On the Blogger platform, there is no such thing as personal hosting actually it is provided free of cost by Google and this is the main reason many of us still trust this Blogging platform.

If you are familiar with the Blogspot platform then you may know that the publisher gets a Blogspot subdomain.

After all, there are many factors that make this platform outdated because of the lack of customization and resources.

We gonna point out some advantages and disadvantages of using Blogspot.

Now, let's talk more about what are the real benefits of using this platform.

Advantages of Blogger

1. It's Free to Use

Investing money to own a hosted website really cost you a few bucks and almost every month publisher need to pay for hosting charges to keep their Website alive.

Blogger platform provides lifetime free hosting and in this way, you can write thousands of articles and even get unlimited traffic without paying a penny.

Many Wordpress hosting providers have a high pricing structure and based on the "Pay as you Grow" model.

2. Lifetime Free Subdomain

While registering an account, the user has the option to register a Blogspot based subdomain.

Example -

It is very easy to set up and it also won't require any kind of DNS management (Sadly, you don't have access to any advanced settings such as DNS)

Note - The subdomain provided by Blogger is not a hosted domain.

It won't cost money and is free for lifetime use. In the blog URL, visitors will always see Blogspot phrase after the name of the site until you move to a custom domain.

Instead of Blogspot's name, the custom domain has many benefits.

3. Custom Themes

With custom templates or themes, customizing the design and look of a blog can be done.

Officially, there are only a few themes available for the Google Blogger and to customize look and design serious coding knowledge is required.

There are thousands of templates are available for the Blogger platform. Many webmasters always say that there is a lack of Blogspot templates but I don't agree with those guys.

Professional blogger templates are an easy way to customize the design and look of the blog including improved SEO, usability, and site loading speed.

4. Using Third-party Gadgets

Without interacting classic widgets you can also add lots of improved third party widgets that are even more functional and Publisher can make Blogspot blog far better than others.

In official blogger templates, we can add our own HTML/Javascript widgets but these are only executed in the web version of the Blogger blog. AddThis is one of the best website tools provider.

To use external widgets efficiently custom themes would be required.

5. Better Security

Do you know that hacking and cybercrime is rising globally? There are a lot of previous records of website hacking and DDoS attacks. Or similar types of hacking practices are increasing.

The biggest benefit of using google blogger, a publisher will get better security. Even today, digital publishers are paying large amounts of money to get their website secured, and actually, it works dor them.

We can not compare large digital publishers, but still, people who are using Google bloggers are more secured than other hosting providers or CMS systems. Because breaking Google servers is nearly impossible.

Disadvantages of Blogger

Considerably, I always tried my best to make the blogger platform best for blogging purposes but later realized that there are lots of restrictions & lack of modern features.

Many issues on Google Blogger can be fixed with some basic coding knowledge but we can not make it fully customizable and sometimes it is very difficult to use this platform.

Here are some important disadvantages listed below that make this free hosted blogging platform sick.

1. The comment system is outdated

I actually don't like the comment system of Blogger as after the end of the Google+ comment system, the latest system is actually outdated.

The WordPress comment system is far better and very easy to use.

Every visitor has to login to the Google account if they want to left an authorized comment.

There are also other ways to comment but those are not easy to use.

I mean, it doesn't have a simple and more engaging comment system.

2. Permalinks are not fully customizable

No one can fully edit and customize the URL of the post, you can only modify the phrases after the specific date in the Permalink (URL).

The date and month of published posts will always be available in the article permalink.

You can't eliminate the date from the published article permalink.

3. Lack of Modifications

The self-hosted website has the option to install software such as WordPress to better manage the website, webmasters can modify the design of their blog just by installing plugins.

Blogspot platform doesn't provide services such as Cpanel, website file management, etc.

On Blogger, you can not do modifications in files and it also lacks many resources.

4. Difficult to Remove pre-installed widgets & Footer Credit

Almost all official themes have permanent footer links with proper credits. It is ok, but as of now, a professional look is important I think.

A publisher can remove these brandings like "Powered by Blogger" by using custom templates.

5. SEO Factors

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors for a site to rank in search engines. With Blogspot's name, you may hurt some SEO efforts.

Also, managing SEO factors and doing Search Engine Optimization stuff on the Blogger platform is quite hard as publishers don't have access to use third-party plugins for better SEO, All things are done manually.


There are many webmasters out there on the internet who think creating a blog on the Blogspot is a waste of time.

Actually, they are right but still for those who don't have money to invest for the hosted website then starting a blog with this platform is easy and newbies can learn many tactics of SEO, content strategies, digital marketing.

My recommendation is if you are using a free Blogspot blog and can not afford web hosting charges then continue with this, buy a custom domain and use it instead of the Blogspot subdomain. In the future, if you migrate towards another platform such as WordPress then you won't lose Domain authority, SEO & Page Rank of the domain.

Tell me in the comment section what you think about the Google Blogger.

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