The advertisement provides publishers a solution to monetize their website traffic or to keep a site free and open source. By the way, there is no monetization method like Google Adsense , thousands of publishers are making money with Adsense.

This is 2020, and many of us still struggling to monetize websites or blogs, but the truth is that most of the webmasters even wouldn't recover the cost of hosting and custom domain.

With time to time, getting approval into Ad exchange media is getting very difficult.

Many professionals actually know all the tactics and get approval, on the other hand, several small publishers don't have any chance, even I was got disapproved several times for an approved Adsense account. The reason is that now we need to focus on many factors that were not important back before.

This guide won't work for all publishers because every Advertising company has different rules and regulations, and this thing sucks.

Every website owner wants monetization to make money but unfortunately getting approval for everyone by Ad Media company is very hard.

Let's back to the point, so I am giving some tips below that make Blog/website monetization easy (Maybe).

The following are some tactics that will help you go with a smooth approval process for Adsense or for any other Ad network.

Create a Contact, About, and Privacy Policy Page

Adsense and many other similar Ad Network won't approve your application because of a lack of these following stuff.

Create an awesome post about your website and a simple contact page that will let visitors reach you. Privacy Policy is also important and in some cases for many businesses "Terms of Use" is also mandatory.

If you are a blogger or have an informational website then you can create your free privacy policy.

Get Rid of Invalid traffic and Spam activities

That's one the main issue that almost half of the publishers have to face during the approval process for monetization.

Like Adsense is very strict and they will terminate or disapprove your account if they find anything such as bot-generated traffic.

Now the question arises, what is the easy way to eliminate invalid traffic for my domain?

No problem guys, I actually have a solid way to reduce suspicious traffic.

Cloudflare is a service that will fulfill your security needs digitally for free, note that Cloudflare has a different plan for large businesses but small content creators can utilize their free plan benefits. Using this will get you better protection and usability.

With Cloudflare, you can reduce different types of invalid traffic & activity on a website.

This will secure your site and even remove invalid traffic issues (Not 100%). In this way, you have more chances to get approval in any Monetization solution approval process.

Proper Navigation

Oh, now this is also a factor, but seriously proper navigation of a website is a good practice.

You can see the best example of Helplogger and note how this blog is using navigation.

Many Ad Networks have already mentioned about 'Proper Navigation' in their content policy page for publishers.

Built Quality Contents

Many website owners get disapproved and banned because of quality issues.

Try building unique content, do not copy the content, or put copyrighted images on your website. This may lead to rejection from the Ad network.

Adsense, they don't accept websites with adult, gambling, and dark web content.

Alternatively, if you have an adult website then popup ads are one of the best ways to monetize a site with easy approval.

Avoid Third-Party Ads

You may know what I want to say, many publishers simply put low-quality advertisements on their website.

It is good but before applying to any kind of quality Ad network online then try removing popups, third-part ads, and redirection.

To get approval for Adsense, it is important to first remove any kind of advertisement during the approval process timing. Because when a Google specialist visits a website for approval then they might reject your application of this, I think.

It is not confirmed yet and I am still doing research on this topic.

Neat and Clean Theme

If you are using WordPress then there are lots of adaptive and responsive templates available that works great with any device, in the case of other CMS, try to use a clean designed theme.

Many templates out there on the internet comes with spammy scripts and widgets, just not use this type of theme that hurt your visitor's experience.

Update - Hello everyone, I am assuming that getting an approved Adsense account is getting harder day by day. You should follow AdSense's policies strictly otherwise they are rejecting applications.

Here are a few more tips you can consider

Create quality content - This is the main thing if you are running a blog. The team will focus on how content is created and how helpful for the reader. If they found scrapped contents they will immediately reject the approval request. I am telling this thing because I got this message several times after applying for Adsense.

Native Language Site - I was absolutely surprised when I got my Adsense approval for a small blog that is hosting Hindi language contents.

I think it is easy to get an AdSense account if we have a native language website rather than English. I still don't know about the whole thing but probably it could help.

Do not copy contents - Copying contents from other sources without adding any value to it is useless. Adsense probably not gonna approve your application if you are hosting copied contents.

Why it is Difficult To Get Into Adsense

Friends, a lot of people are questioning about AdSense on Quora and Google forum that why their account is not getting approved.

All we can say is that any given tricks and hacks for Adsense approval, avoid adopting them. Because now they are quite strict and they do not give AdSense approval to small bloggers and digital publishers so easily.

It is known that out of 40 to 50 websites, only 1 or 2 get AdSense. There is no such fixed value, but you should keep trying if you want to monetize your blog.

We had earlier updated in a post that apart from AdSense, there are many platforms from which you can make money. By the way, making money for many digital publishers is not the main objective. But as we know that a blogger has to maintain a lot of expenses that may require money.

If you are having difficulty in getting Adsense approval, then you must check some Adsense Alternatives, which you can easily do monetization.

I remember that in 2015, I submitted an AdSense application for a small blog and it was approved within 2 to 3 days. I have noticed one more thing that in today's time it is not common to monetize even if a site has good content.

Many people give up after being disappointed with all these things. But its best practice will be that you can read Google Adsense's official policy, terms, and services, and adopt them.

Most digital publishers get the message from Google that their website can not be approved for some reason or either website is not ready yet. Most of which can be due to thin content, scraped content, and no value-added content.


Question and answers related to Google Adsense, all questions are asked by thousands of users.

1. How long does Adsense approval take?

Ans - It may depend on various factors, the average time is taken for the Adsense approval process is 7 to 20 days but in some cases, it may get a longer time.

2. Can I get Adsense approval on a subdomain?

Ans - Yes, if the subdomain is hosted by the main owner of the domain.

In the case of Blogspot, the Blogspot subdomain can apply for Google Adsense.

Go to Blogger > Earnings > Apply for Monetization.

3. Is there any Adsense approval trick?

Ans - No, don't try any service that claims to approve the application. Alternatively, try these Adsense tips.

4. Can I get Adsense approval with blogger?

Ans - Sure, even a blogspot subdomain is also accepted but the custom domain is the best option.

5. How many views are needed for Adsense approval?

Ans - No minimum traffic is required but having a good amount of traffic is a plus point.

6. What to do after getting Adsense approval?

Ans - Copy the script code if given and insert it into a website, you should have access to the website's files. Just show ads wherever you want and earn money.

There are many types of ad formats available, page-level ads, banner, in article, In-text ads, search box, link ads are common.

7. My Adsense application is rejected, can I re-apply?

Ans - Yes, you can re-apply for this program but first, check why your application was rejected and solve all issues before reapplying.

8. Can I get Adsense approval for a new website?

Ans - Maybe, no accurate answer. Some webmasters are telling that application should be submitted after 3-5 months of a newly launched site.

9. Adsense approval niche?

Ans - Almost all niche comes under the safe zone but adult, gambling, and dark websites are not eligible for the Adsense program.

Some Adsense niche are:-

Tips and Tricks
Trading and stock market
Web Development
Databases and Management
Traveling and Adventure

And many more.

10. Is there any Adsense approval trick without a website?

Ans - Yes, possible via a YouTube channel.

11. Can I get Adsense approval with a .tk domain?

Ans - Maybe, Many publishers think that only contents matter for Adsense not the type of domain.

12. How many articles are needed for Adsense approval?

Ans- No accurate answer, but keeping a good amount of content is recommended.

Please comment your suggestions related to Adsense approval so we can help each other, thanks.

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