A custom domain is everything for the website. Domains are of many types and almost all businesses that want to grow their online presence, first of all, purchase a custom domain.

To set up a working website, domain name and hosting are required. All SEO and Branding related factors are linked with the domain.

Everywhere on the internet we see custom domains and actually, approximately 10% of them may be subdomains.

Why these peoples are paying for domains even they can get a free subdomain, there are many factors upon this and I have picked out some of the factors below.

Today, we are going to talk about the advantages of having a custom domain name.

1. Personalized Email

This thing is one of the important factors because with the custom domain anyone can easily create a professional email address, and yes it looks very pretty.

Instead of Gmail, a webmaster can create their own branded email.
When you register a domain, check that if the provider is giving Email facilities for free.

There are no limits to making custom email addresses. Business gets more professional with the custom email.

Ex- [email protected]

2. Create Own Subdomain

Now we are again back to a subdomain but this time it's all yours. Yes, the custom domain has capabilities to create subdomains of their own and webmasters can create unlimited different addresses for other purposes.

If you have domain example.com, then you can create forum.example.com for forum use, similarly, there are hundreds of subdomain one can create. This can be done through the domain provider panel.

3. Easy to remember

Look at below two examples and think that which URL is easy to remember and accessible.



Subdomains are difficult to type and many visitors will forget about the URL of a blog or they mistype it. It is only suitable for the sub niche of a website.

A .com domain name costs about $10+ per year and one will never be disappointed by this small investment.

4. Branding and Uniqueness

Branding is one of the important factors for how your visitors recognize what's your site is about. A domain name explains many things about the website. Short and branded domains are prone to serve additional relationships with visitors.

If you are using a custom domain then it might affect your relationship with people. What if someone wants to come back to your site then custom domain always a good choice.

5. Enjoy premium services

Yeah, webmasters will really get benefitted from owning a custom domain as it can be used for paid and free services such as SEO tools, traffic Analysis, Cloudfare, etc.

With custom domains, enjoy services such as SSL certificate, Cloudfare tools, Fast Ad network approval and higher opportunity to build trust with many companies.

There are many free website tools provider companies but only the top-level domain can utilize them for free.

6. Verification and Authentication

Changing DNS and nameservers could not be done with free web addresses because publishers don't have access to manage domain records.

Example - DMCA verifies the website ownership, but for Blogspot and free subdomains, it is very hard to verify domain ownership.

Occasionally, Many service providers may ask you to verify domain by uploading a small file or alternatively they will ask you to modify DNS records. One will not able to do that work with a third-party subdomain.

7. Selling Capabilities

Selling a domain name is one of the highly profitable deal and anyone who owns domains can sell their domain anywhere in the world.

An owner can earn a huge amount of money just by keeping domain names and selling it for a large price. Today many of the short and premium domains are already purchased but if you own a good domain name then there are more chances to get 50x profit. Have a look at GoValue and find what's the estimated value of your domain name.


A free domain is given to the publisher when they start blogging on any free hosting provider such as Google Blogger or wordpress.com.


1. Insideblogworld.blogspot.com (This is a subdomain)

2. Insideblogworld.com (This is Domain)

1st one is a subdomain, it can be created by using any service provider such as Blogger and Wordpress.Com. Both are totally free of cost.

A domain is the main root URL of the website as showing in the 2nd example. Custom domains look like this.

At first, I was using a Blogspot name for my blog but later realized I have to purchase own hosted domain.

It is good if you are using free hosting platforms like Blogger. But with time it is better recommended to purchase a custom domain and above are some important details that are showing why a custom domain matters.

Still, if you don't have money to register a domain then going with free Blogspot is not that bad. You can also check offers on domain purchase, one can get up to 80% off on first-year registration. Just check for coupons and running deals.


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  1. Hello, please help me, I have my blog 2017mejdiaj.blogspot.com but I cant have ads on my blog, I don't know what to do to get ads on my blog, maybe my blog is not right for ads? Can you see my blog please and told me if something is wrong please

    1. Hello, unknown

      I have seen your blog and I found out that there is only 1 post, try to create more contents. Adsense won't approve your blog if you don't have proper navigation and quality content.

      Few tips

      1. Write at least 10-15 posts

      2. Write long & Quality posts.

      3. Buy a domain name if possible.

      4. Choose a responsive design and mobile-friendly template.

      There are many factors and strategies but I can't explain all it here.



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