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Brave Browser is an open-source web browser that provides advance adblocker and it comes with many functionalities that are still not available in modern browsers.

For Donation, most of the time PayPal comes in mind but now things have changed. Brave provides a better method for funding website owners and it supports their work.

BAT Cryto - Brave Browser

The app is not necessary for creators as they can set up an account at the Brave website to become a verified creator. This way creators can start receiving contributions by their website visitors.

According to some sources, there were more than 3 million active users of this web browser and over 20,000 verified publishers in 2018, but as of today, we can assume how many users would have been increased.

Brave browser doesn't allow any type of third party advertisement Eg: Popup ads, Adsense ads and almost any other type of advertisement. If you are using Adsense as a revenue source and visitors are surfing via this app then you will get supported only by BAT contribution instead of ads revenue.

What is BAT?

The "Basic Attention Token" (BAT) is an open-source, decentralized ad exchange platform based on Ethereum.

Brave Payments, which formerly used Bitcoin, allows users to tip websites and content creators (such as YouTubers and Twitch streamers) with BAT tokens, akin to patronage services such as Patreon.

Source - Wikipedia

As the company is growing very fast and millions of users are using this app to browse the internet. So, I think this post would help those folks who are still not aware of the Brave program.

It means if you are not registered as a Brave creator then you are still losing some amount of money as a contribution. Because there are lots of users of this app then verifying domain or YouTube channel is a good choice.

For a blogger, if visitors are using this browser then website owners won't earn money for any advertisement displayed on the website instead contribution from visitors would support their work. Affiliate links won't be affected.

Do you know that every active user of this browser receives free BAT token on a monthly basis as giveaways? Users won't have to worry about BAT balance as they can earn some by simply browsing the internet via Brave.

Many users claimed that the app gives clean and fast surfing experience and it also has the most simple way to support webmasters. The only downside is that the webmaster's advertisement revenue will be lost.

How does this Program work?

Youtubers and website publishers can easily receive contributions in the form of BAT (Basis token Attention) cryptocurrency. It is an easy and fast method to get contributed globally.

A visitor has to use the Brave browser in order to contribute to you.

When visitors contribute to a website, BATs will be automatically added to the creator's wallet and will later be transferred to the linked bank account. To do so, verify the UpHold payment method.

To become a creator you will only need to register an account on the Brave website, By this way verification of website ownership or Youtube channel can be done.

Registered publishers can link an existing blog or website. Verification is important in order to receive contributions from visitors.

Publishers can receive thousands of token if traffic is high. If your visitors visit your site using the Brave browser they can simply tap on 'Send a Tip' from the upper right menu to donate.

Guys, What do you think is that a good way to help webmasters. Don't forget to comment below.

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