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Banned from Google Adsense, or your Adsense application is disapproved, no problem there are more ways to monetize your website.

Are you a new blogger and struggling to make money online, you are not alone.

Many webmasters do not find the right advertising network to earn revenue from their blogs. But if you have high traffic then there are several ways to monetize website traffic for money.

Actually, there is no way to make millions in a single night and this is not a quick rich program as it takes time. If you have launched a new website or blog then below listed ad networks may help you.

Today, many bloggers from around the world want to make money blogging and Adsense is their preferred network. And many of you might search for 'Adsense Alternative'. Here, you will find some best high paying ad networks, these listed companies are serving for years and will help you convert website traffic into money.

Webmaster's first aim is to earn money by creating useful content. We have introduced various high paying ads network in this blog, you can go through the homepage to find out more.

It may take time to earn money with the help of published content on websites or blogs. To make passive income, a high volume of traffic and efforts are required.

But today you will find some best and high reviewed Ad networks for quick monetization. Yeah, this is also for those who are searching for answers on Quora.

There are some systems (Often called models) run by ad companies for how they are going to pay a publisher. Among these, CPC, CPM, CPL is common.

Cost per Thousand (CPM) - A publisher will earn for 1000 ad impressions/Views.

Cost Per Click (CPC) - This type of model used by Adsense and many other rich media ad providers. A publisher will earn for every click on an ad unit that follows the CPC model.

As we are in the internet era, earning opportunities are not just limited to offline work. Many small businesses and bloggers are earning fancy revenue using ad networks, but that is not always so easy. There are many companies that provide high CPM and CPC rates but finding the right one is in your hand.

5 High Paying Ad Networks - Adsense Alternatives

Ways to monetize a website.

1. PropellerAds

At first, I simply registered in this media because I wanted to make money and later done several experiments with different ad networks. But I found that it is the best ad network company for newbies who want to monetize content with quality popup and interstitial advertisements.

A content locker also is a new feature. You can lock page content to maximize revenue.

Get up to $8 to $10 CPM rate and up to $80 CPS rate.

Available Ad Types.

Native Banner - Responsive, customizable, matches the design.

Push Notifications - Get paid for each new subscription (CPS) or impression delivered (CPM).

Onclick (Popunder) - 100% traffic monetization with high CTR.

Interstitial - Get higher revenue compared to the classic banner ads.

Direct link ads - Just send traffic to Ad link and earn money even without a website.

They don't have limited ad types, actually, you can use push notification, banner, popup, and native banner ads for quick monetization.

Note - Propellerads don't accept blogpost subdomains, this means you can only use a top-level domain to become its member.

The minimum redemption balance is $100 (Paypal). PropellerAds provide payment methods such as PayPal, skill, wire transfer, etc.

2. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is another platform for publishers and advertisers to connect together. Somehow, it is also a high paying media, If you become their member, you can make money by monetization using different varieties of ad formats and revenue is higher from other Pop-under ads providers.

There are many advantages of using this network, RevenueHits don't require minimum traffic for approval.

You can directly signup by clicking here.

Available Ad Types

Floating Banner
Top Bar
Shadow Box
Mobile Dialog

Payment Methods

Wire Transfer

The minimum payment threshold is $20 for Paypal and Payoneer, to receive payments through direct wire transfer you have to reach $500 first.

Actually, making money online is hard work and I sure you won't become a millionaire within months by using any network mentioned here. If you are looking for an Adsense alternative then you should give a try to RevenueHits. It's an international network for monetization and we can easily target global visitors. They even have  a pop-under advertisement category.

3. ExoClick

Exoclick is one of the fast-growing ad company globally. They have unique ad unit varieties for monetization. It provides many advertisement solutions for a publisher.

Adult traffic is also accepted by this network, and you can also monetize anime blogs, entertainment sites, and many other niches.

To get payments in the PayPal account, you have to wait until reaching the minimum payment threshold of $20. All payments are done on a weekly and monthly basis.

Ad Format

This ad network provides many ad formats like push notifications, banner ads, video ads, sticky bar, and many more. We have included the main categories below.

Web Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Video Advertising
Native Advertising

Payment Methods

Papal ($20)
Wire Transfer ($1000)
Cryptocurrency ($500)

And many more.....

Note - Publishers can not earn money via .blogspot subdomain as they only accept top-level domains.

4. Viglink

Now, this is totally different from other companies and yes, not similar to AdSense in any way.

Viglink has changed its name to Sovrn Commerce.

This network fully depends on affiliates of E-commerce companies.

An example here, if you have already placed non-monetized product links in blog contents or mentioned keywords related to any product then Viglink automatically convert normal link to monetized link. if anyone goes through that link and purchase something you will earn a commission for every sale. This will only happen after installing the viglink script.

Viglink is a type of affiliate network from which a publisher can earn commission by converting valuable keywords to the product affiliate link.

Yes, that's why it is an easy way to make existing permalink or keywords profitable for you. Commission rates are depending on viglink.

The minimum payout threshold is $10.

Join Viglink

5. PopAds

PopAds provides pop-under and pop-up ads solutions for publishers and they have higher CPM rates in comparison to other ad networks because of their high commission structure and global targeting.

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher both can get benefits by using this simple program.

Get CPM rates anywhere from $5 to $10. You can even earn up to $8 for 1000 ad impressions very easily. Currently, Publisher will only earn for ad views as ad clicks don't matter.

Another best thing, the minimum payment threshold is only 5 USD. Publisher will receive payments in PayPal account or by wire transfer.

Should I Trust All Ad Networks

No, you should not believe in ads network that claims to give high revenue that is not possible. First check reviews on the internet about payment proofs, minimum threshold, revenue model.

Today there are hundreds of new ad networks available but some never give payments to publishers and all hard work wasted. To eliminate this issue always use verified ad networks for website monetization.

There are several reasons to consider Adsense for monetization. But for those who are searching for advertising networks other than Adsense or blocked from Adsense have many other choices.

If you like this post then give your suggestions in the comment section and tell us more.

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