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AddThis provides sharing tools for Content marketers and bloggers. Not only this, it has a variety of tools that a webmaster always needed. 'All in one' website tools package can be huge time saving and it is recommended to use plugins and tools for a new website.

Many newbies find difficulty customizing pre-installed tools on their website because it requires good knowledge of coding. Online, hundreds of plugins available. But for those who are not using the WordPress platform have fewer facilities of customization.

For beginners, these tools may skip difficult coding work and one-time installation of script give access to many other features as well without editing website code. It means a webmaster doesn't have to install codes again and again.

As before, there was an AddThis pro service but later retired by the company. We still don't know why, how this company provides all these professional services without any fees. But it is actually a good opportunity for small businesses and bloggers to utilize website tools.

For email collection, build an email list fast by using subscription forms, because it will save your hard effort towards a better website. That's Why we recommending this service, trying a different type of services may help you reach goals faster. As it gives a chance to unlock website potential.

You can get all these tools for free. Yes, totally free. They may add a Pro package in future, but now it's all legit and 100% free working website tools. Engage more visitors and get detailed analysis report of traffic. User can even target audience by creating a 'targeting rule'.

Basic Website Tools

1. Share Button

Custom share buttons, for beginners those who want custom social sharing button. No problem, you can directly install the AddThis script on a website/blog and start using Sharing buttons. Inline, Floating, slider, etc share button types are available.

 2. Related Post

'Related post' tool automatically (can be customizable) displays relevant contents from a blog and may help increase page views.

 'Related post widget' can show older related posts and this way visitor can explore more contents.

3.  List Building Widget

This is what many beginners are searching for, you can collect email address and increase the number of emails for marketing. This tool can be integrated with other email marketing services including MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and others.

It is a fast and responsive way to collect email addresses. Use banner or popup email subscription form for better result.

(This tool can not be linked with Google-FeedBurner)

4. Link Promotion

This tool can be used for increasing sales and engaging more visitors. It is available in three formats including Popup, Slider or Banner. it can be used for generating leads, list building, featured post, etc.

Example of link promotion

5. Donation Widget

(Website Tip Jar)

With tip Jar, Collect donation directly into PayPal account, patreon, Amazon smile, etc.

Multiple services are available to get donations from a visitor who wants to support. This way small publishers get contribution and stay motivated.

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Manual installation - To install unique AddThis code on your website then just copy the given code snippet and paste it before closing body tag.

Blogger Installation - Head over to Layout section > Add a Gadget > Html/JavaScript code, paste the code snippet and click save.

This is how to code snippet looks like.

AddThis provides many tools for website, You can explore more at their website

It only requires one-time installation and after that publisher can use different tools from the dashboard panel. However, there might be some web page speed issue in the future with heavy scripts. So consider using asynchronous attribute or minified code snippet, these are a good option.

Note - Currently, User can reduce the branding of AddThis from profile setting. Some tools don't have any type of branding but many popup forms and few other tools have permanent AddThis branding. If you find something spammy, then several other alternatives like Addtoany, ShareThis also available.


Social network signals are also good for a website and branding a name is easier. Get more traffic with social network shares.

So, if you are thinking about using these tools then start it. Alternatively, manual options and WordPress plugins might help a user to fill a website requirement.

According to my view, it's a good way to make a website more responsive. Because of the easy to use features, many users reported a good experience.

If this service is helpful to you, then let me know in the comment section. It is not a promotional article. It is here because of quality service that would be beneficial for website owners, Thanks.

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