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The pop ads media is the easiest way to monetize an adult website. If you are searching for an easy method for monetization then you can use this source for making money online. It provides high-quality popup ads, and approval is very easy in comparison to other networks.

Having difficulty earning online with a website, then pop ads media should be a helpful option. I used this network on one of my websites and made some dollars using different ad types. I will explain important features to help understand popads media.

How To Make Money With POPUP Ads

Although, we can not compare it with AdSense because this network is not for professional content marketers.

This media provides basic requirements that comply with pop-up ads and tiering with high traffic websites may earn 50$ in a single day.

This can be a high paying media that connect advertisers with publishers virtually.

Publishers get paid for per thousand impressions as it is CPM based network. Publishers won't get paid for clicks on any popunder campaign.

Whether it is a free Blogspot or WordPress blog. You can earn a good amount of money from entertainment, illegal contents, file sharing, etc based websites.

Advantages of Popads

Earnings and Payout💲

This network's minimum redemption amount is very low, only 5$. It means publishers can easily redeem money to a bank account after earning a minimum of 5 USD. They pay by payment methods like PayPal or direct bank transfer.

The auto-payment option automatically deposit money to a PayPal account. So, without logging into account panel, the publisher can receive payments in time.

Below image representing "billing".

PopAds Earnings

Popads earning and billing

You must be thinking now that does this network really have the power to unlock earning potential. But I can say that it depends on the visitors.

To earn more than 3$ revenue by 1000 impressions, it requires visitors from developed countries that include the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.

Keywords do not matter in pop-under media. So, this is why publishers only get paid for impressions. Your visitors don't have to click on pop under the ad.

Fast and Easy Approval

If you own an adult website then it might be easier to get approved for all types of categories that are not accepted in Adsense. Not only entertainment sites but overall all types of websites accepted by PopAds.

Local websites and low-quality websites are making thousands of dollars by using this type of ad. Only this the biggest advantage of this network.

if you don't have any choice than it might be a successful way to make revenue online.

PopAds also have very high Alexa rank and that's why it is now trusted by thousands of content makers.

Except for banner and video ads, I basically prefer to use Pop under ad because of their simple use and effective way to convert traffic into revenue.

Yeah, once you send an application to this network it will be reviewed within a few days, it's very easy to get approved by PopAds because of their policy.

When you submit an application, you don't have to wait for several days. it only takes 24 hours - a maximum of 74 hours to review your application. And, once approved you will instantly become their publisher.

Another way to monetize ads in your blog is by banner ads. Yes, like propeller ads, pop ads provide some banners ads format. You can place in the blog to make extra income, but will only pay for impression and not for clicks.

How It Works

As you know that this media only pays for impressions and works on a CPM model. Publishers get paid for all page views and impressions on their ads (Only pop type ads).

To start monetization instantly, first, generate code from "publisher's panel" and install it in the website header or footer.

There are various small tools 🔨 available on the menu to choose visitors setting, popunder ad timing, number of ads, bidding, etc.

It might be a good choice instead of other pop ads providers or other PPC based networks because you only get paid for clicks in the PPC network and we see only limited clicks.

For viral blog and high traffic websites, no other pop network can beat PopAds network. Earnings are based on the type of traffic and we can not guarantee the revenue model.

How to join the pop ads network

Now, what's next.

  • Create an account, publishers would need to submit name, email, website details, traffic stats, etc.
  • Actually, it does not affect the approval process, only required for verification. oh yes, you can start with Popads even by just having 50+ daily visitors, (Pageviews does not matter in the approval process)
  • To show ads, generate ad code from the publisher's menu.
  • For verification of website - Enter website details, the domain name (even subdomain), description. Note that, I already explained in the above phrase that the verification, approval, and review are an easy task.
  • Popads review domain for approval. you can easily get approval. So you have to just wait for about two days, after that, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • After code installation publishers may start generating revenue from pop ads. Focus on increasing website traffic and targeting visitors to gain profit.

Usually, they provide a CPM rate of 5$ to 10$ based on visitors.

Take an example that pop-under CPM is 5 USD

1000 ad views - 5$

5000 ad views - 25$

20,000 ad views - 100$

It's a good amount of earning. you can get CPM of about $8 or higher. See what you can do with your own blog or website.

We don't recommend to use this AD network on a high-quality website, use it with caution, it could give bad user experience with site visitors. Best for adult websites. Check our list of high-quality ad networks to monetize a site.


Many adult content sites have failed to find the best choice and this is no joke. Content marketing needs hard work. Good SEO knowledge and passion required to earn money in this field.

PopAds is not recommended for high-quality websites and some blog visitors don't like pop-under ads. These types of ads can interface with blog content. To monetize your website with this, it is a good choice if you don't have another option.

Remember that PopAds also have an advertising panel for advertisers. You can easily pay for popup Ads and start growing.

If you are one of those folk who wants to grow business, internet marketing, and traffic. You can start advertising on this network. They have a very high global audience.

So, for those who are struggling to make money online, just give a try. Hey, I am only saying to try out this network. Because you know what's my opinion on pop-under ads.

What's your experience with this network, please tell us more in the comment section, Thanks.

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